Our Philosophy & Curriculum

At Monkey Business Early Educational Community, we believe in and implement the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. This approach was developed in a town in Italy bearing that name. Through the Reggio Emilia approach, children are provided with the tools and encouragement to form their own paths of discovery in a meaningful way.

We view each child as strong, capable, inquisitive, independent, and full of imagination. Our goal is to inspire children to think, imagine, question, research, explore and help steer the journey of learning. The teacher is viewed as a partner or co-learner and collaborator in learning with the children. They also observe and document the discussions and fascinations of the children. They then, develop learning opportunities from these observations, thus the curriculum arises from the children’s interests.


The physical environment of the classroom is viewed as the third teacher. The environment is an expression of the children and respects the image of the child. Parent involvement is invited and encouraged. We respect parents as each child’s first teacher. We seek a learning community where teachers and parents work together to meet the needs of the children.